Emails from Tasks created under Changes

Idea created by PATRICK KUTZ on Mar 16, 2017
    Long term plan
    • Gustavo Trujillo

    Currently, when a Task is created in an Incident, the email that is sent to the assigned user contains the Incident # and Incident Subject in the email message Subject.  Also, the Incident # is repeated in the body of the email, along with the Task Description.


    However, when a Task is created from a Change, the Subject and the Body of the email only contains the Task description.  There is no reference to the Change # or Change Title - there's only a "view this task here" link at the bottom of the message to the change.  This means that I have to open the link to see what change that the task refers to (which is something I can't do on a mobile device since Changes aren't available to view on devices).  It also means that I can't search my email for notifications I've received from a particular change.


    Can this be changed so that the emails generated by Changes look similar to emails generated by Incidents?

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