Ability to Import Tickets with Created/Resolved Datetimes

Idea created by billm_perfecto on Mar 14, 2017
    Not Planned
    • Matthew Reznick
    • billm_perfecto
    • Jon Hodgson

    We're looking to migrate our tickets into Samanage. I was able to use the basic import but we're missing a crucial part.


    We cannot import Created/Resolved times from our previous ticket system.


    This is causing all sorts of issues, which i've listed here:


    1.) Say there is a technician who's not performing well. They have a 40% SLA violation rate. Importing these tickets resets his violation rate to 0%. And if there are 1000 imported tickets where this technician has done 500 of them. It will take hundreds of tickets to reflect the poor SLA performance, and slow a performance-based process to seek corrective action. It will reset everyone to 100% performance and skew the statistics going forward.


    2.) We're unable to sort which tickets came in chronologically. We're also unable to import the ticket numbers from our last ticketing system. It took 5-6 import cycles before we got all the tickets imported. So cycle 1 we imported tickets 1-167, and 450-1000 successfully. It took 4 more cycles of error correction to get tickets 168-449 imported. So now we have tickets that were in order and now are imported out of order. Preserving the created times would allow us to sort the tickets chronologically instead of now sorting out what tickets were imported, deleting them, and redoing the import.


    3.) Reporting becomes useless for Date-based reports for the first year of the product, since there will be a huge influx of tickets in the onboard month where the tickets are imported, skewing the rest of the statistics.


    So, in short, it would be really great if we could allow for importing the Created and Resolved times, as it would allow for users to immediately evaluate the reporting value of the system with their own data, and preserve SLA statistics.

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