Site active assignment

Idea created by Barthélémy Agaësse on Mar 8, 2017
    Long term plan
    • Gustavo Trujillo



    Still in the idea of having a better automated task assignment : it would be great to be able to create our own variable assignments under each site (for now only "site manager" or "incident assigne" with the use of Site and Automation). You could create place holder for these, and like this for each site we have we could define a position level and a person or group linked to it. For example: Maintenance Manager for site, HR Manager for site, Network team for site, etc.


    Like this, Service Catalogue tasks could be assigned to more variable groups or persons than Site manager or Incident assigne at a site level.


    For example, here, we run on 7 different locations, so far we managed to assign the tasks to the correct IT teams using automation AND incident assignee variable, but within the same Service Catalogue we also have to assign tasks that are non IT (HR and facilities for an employee on-boarding as an example) and these tasks would be assigned at site levels to different teams, but not the site manager (that is already available in Samanage and that we use for different purposes).


    I think anyone working with Samanage and having to deal with different locations and several departments and IT would be able to use it.





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