Prevent resolving of uncategorised Incidents

Idea created by Sam Buccieri-Gillett on Mar 7, 2017
    Under Consideration
    • Richard Wills
    • Anna Jordan
    • Shvonne Craig
    • Sam Buccieri-Gillett
    • Gustavo Trujillo

    In our environment, though we encourage use of the portal, we must continue to support the raising of Incidents via email, which means techs must categorise such Incidents to ensure correct routing and that our reporting gives us the insights we require. We need to make sure that no Incidents can be closed without filling the category and subcategory fields.


    Samanage obviously cannot enforce these fields as mandatory at the point when emailed Incidents are created, but it could (but currently doesn't) prevent techs from marking them resolved until those fields have been filled.


    I appreciate we could have an email dropbox for every one of our categories, but that is going to prevent an horrible experience for all of our users having to remember all those addresses/fill the GAL up with them.


    Please vote if you'd like to see this change too!


    Note: We do have 'category' set to mandatory in categories setup, but this doesn't take into account Incidents raised via email. 'Subcategory' is not set to mandatory since this then prevents updating the category and subcategory from the Incident overview table, which is a separate issue, go ahead and vote on correcting that here if it affects you too - Allow mandatory subcategory on Incidents overview.

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