Copy / Paste part of Service Catalogues

Idea created by Barthélémy Agaësse on Feb 28, 2017
    Long term plan



    As we have the option to "clone this service catalogue", it would be very nice to have the same option under each task, condition set, approvals, etc we have in the service catalogues (as of now we can chose to delete them but not to clone them). There are workflows that need more or less the same procedures to be done on each part of an approval but for some parts, or similar workflows.


    As much as cloning full Service Catalogues is useful, I can see many places where copying only a part of it and to drag and drop it to another condition set or approval in the same Service Catalogue would be useful to.


    If not; a workaround would have to have a kind of "GOTO" option.


    Thanks and regards.


    What problem will this feature solve?: