Allow Requesters to "See" Changes and Releases

Idea created by Chad Brown on Feb 26, 2017
    Under Consideration
    • Chad Brown

    As we handle Incidents that become Problems, requiring Changes to corretc; and when fielding Requests for Change, we have found it difficult to keep the Requester updated in the Application. we routinely need to drop to other communication methods (email, phone, etc.) to advise them the status of their Change or a Release.


    Currently the furthest point a Requester can track is the Request for Change (i.e., Service Catalog item) or the Incident that originate the Break/Fix or Emergency Change.


    So, the Feature Request would be Changes and Releases being visible under "My Requests" at the Requester Portal. As is, we set the Requester to the actual Customer, for proper tracking (Customer change vs. Technical Debt), but the customer has no way of tracking the Change (and/or Release).

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