Service catalogues within Service catalogues

Idea created by Barthélémy Agaësse on Feb 24, 2017
    Long term plan
    • Andrew Eardley-Day
    • Paul Dejyothin
    • Maggie Rogers
    • Chad Brown

    It would be nice to be able to trigger Service Catalogue from Inside other Service catalogues.

    For now it is only possible via the Integration menu but not all of us are coders. Where the choices: Task, Approval, Condition set, etc list is it would be nice to have another option Service Catalogue. This would list all service catalogues available ( for example: some internals that you wish to keep away from regular users but that could be triggered by this mean). The triggered service Catalogue (child) would inherit variables from the triggering service catalogue (parent) (we need custom variables recognised and accessible from within the whole Samanage program (I can open another Feature request for this if you wish).


    Like this, any change made to the child service catalogue would reflect in every parent service catalogue it.



    Child service catalogue:

    - Order a new computer (includes tasks for PO, configuring the computer, etc..) (public : anyone can ask for renewing computer, under approval)

    - Create email account (includes tasks for updating mailing lists etc..) (internal, only email & HR teams have access)

    - Order new staff uniform (public : anyone can ask for renewing uniform)


    They can be used as single Service Catalogue to order a new computer or uniform on their own.


    But they are also triggered from the Parent Service catalogue, using the variable such as user name, start date, office number etc..


    Parent : Employee Onboarding

    Uses specific HR task, and condition sets upon which, when they are completed or approved can trigger: order new computer, create new email and order staff uniform.


    If once the process, tasks, approvals, or team involved in the child service catalogue, all parent service catalogues are automatically updated since they are triggering the updated children. Child service catalogue can be part of several parents service catalogues (uniform and new computer could be used in Employee Transfer process for example).

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