Additional Workflow Configuration Options

Idea created by Gustavo Trujillo on Feb 15, 2017
    Long term plan
    • Gustavo Trujillo

    I would like to have the following implemented to allow us to create more detailed and customized workflows:


    1. Adding the option to have workflow be sent to a prior workflow and loop

         - for example: In a service request, a QA has performed testing and found an error in the design, this may be an approval task to signal that it was a faulty test, so now I want to go back to a prior task assigned to development to correct the issue, which would then go back to QA in that same approval task. Meaning I would like to continuously loop until positive results to move this forward.


    2. Having new questions (variables) populate when a certain selection is made.

         - for example: When a new hire is submitted, there is a question of what is needed for the coming employee. When the manager makes that selection, I want a question or series of questions to populate due to that selection. I also want those to go away, if the manager deselects that question, before submitting the request.


    ***Not to overload this enhancement request but I would also like to be able to report on the variables used in the service requests. We have several reasons why we have to implement a process as an incident but would be better in the service catalog but cant due to reporting inabilities.***


    This may be best as three separate requests but I feel that it all comes together to improve on the usability of the Service Catalog and workflow implementations.

    What problem will this feature solve?: