Improve Application Integrations - access to all Incident metadata

Idea created by Sam Buccieri-Gillett on Feb 15, 2017

    The new Application Integrations show potential. Being able to use variables input by users in requests using {{variable}} opens some opportunities, but application integrations don't have access to all Incident metadata, which currently severely limits its use cases.


    You can pass through some of the Incident's (submitted requests become Incidents, for those not familiar) metadata, such as the site, department and requester. However, other portions of the service request don't seem to be available, such as the id, number, description_no_html, etc., which are available via the API.


    If we had access to {{id}} for example, we could have application integration steps which update the Incident in various ways - adding a comment, CC'ing someone, reassigning the Incident, recategorising the Incident. You could also open a new Change/Problem/Release and relate it to the Incident from which it came. All of this is impossible right now, but could open a lot more doors compared with today.


    Application Integrations show great promise, but we can't get to the interesting use cases without access to all Incident metadata. Let's get this on the dev team's to do list!

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