SLA Warnings

Idea created by Cody DeVecht on Feb 13, 2017
    Long term plan
    • Anthony Gillespie
    • Josh Mills
    • Stephen Jephcott
    • Byron Poe
    • Jeremy Bates
    • Gustavo Trujillo
    • Olivier Paratte
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    • Cody DeVecht

    As it stands now, Samanage will only notify of an SLA breach, by this time it is too late to meet the SLA. We would like to see the ability to set warning times for an SLA.


    For example, we have an SLA that we will respond to all work orders within 2 hours of them being created. What we would like is for there to be an option to also set a warning time for that same breach. So after 1 hour if there has been no response, send out a notification to the specified user(s) so that they can follow up with our Service Desk team.

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