Configure Notification options for private comments

Idea created by Sam Buccieri-Gillett on Feb 13, 2017
    Under Consideration

    At the moment, under setup/email_notifications, we can choose who to notify when a new comment is added to an Incident, as below. This applies to public comments only; private comments notify the current assignee only.


    It would be great to have two configurable notification events in the setup - 'Incident new public comment' (the existing functionality renamed), and 'Incident new private comment'.


    If an assignee is aware another IT team member might need to be aware of/help them out with an incident of theirs, they often CC that party and add a private comment to the Incident hoping it will be seen. Often it will be missed by the CC'd party/parties because no notification is sent. Adding a public comment so the CC'd party is notified, is not acceptable in all cases.

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