Trigger Automations on Incident update (not just on creation)

Idea created by Sam Buccieri-Gillett on Feb 13, 2017
    Long term plan

    I like the direction the new automations are heading in, however these rules are only triggered on the creation of Incidents and Requests. I'd like to be able to trigger them on Incident/Request update too.


    We have a category for security breaches. I'd like to ensure Incidents either raised in that category, or existing Incidents which are recategorised into that category, trigger an automation rule which assigns it to a team and notifies a few other people for visibility. At the moment, because automations only trigger on Incident creation, we can't do this, and instead have to revert to a somewhat clumsy workaround of using an SLA rule, but these are nowhere near as flexible.


    Could the ability to choose whether each automation rule triggers on creation/update (not sure if there's a use case for on delete too...maybe someone else might weigh in there) be added?

    What problem will this feature solve?: