Categorization of Solutions and Organize View of Solutions

Idea created by Joe Stan on Feb 3, 2017
    In Development

    Enhance the Solutions (knowledge base) to include categories to be assigned to each knowledge article and organize the knowledge base similar to how the Service Request area looks. When an org has near 50+ articles and other functional areas (non-IT) are also wanting to add knowledge articles for their areas, to leverage this as true Self-Service Portal for the org, it becomes quite cluttered. Yes, I am aware users can do a search lookup but having a category view (drill down) rather than 50+ line item view of each available article would be much easier to navigate and not overwhelm those who are looking help. This enhancement in addition to leveraging the search feature. This would make it easier to navigate for all , and appear much cleaner to non-IT users.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Categories for solutions