Use Client Domain in Portal

Idea created by Laura Galardi on Jan 26, 2017
    Under Consideration
    • Laura Galardi

    I have clients who use the Portal, who have the same domain, but different logins for that domain. What I need is for any client with a domain log in, to be able to see ALL tickets opened for that domain, by all logins for that domain. Like this:


    Where Jones would log in, and be able to see all the requests for every other user for the same Domain, Marcy, Vinny, etc... They are all the same company/domain. Currently the login ID can only see their own tickets, this is ineffective for our Portal clients who have multiple logins, with the same domain.


    The ability for the Portal users to be able to see all the requests based on the Domain (and not the log in) would be extremely beneficial.


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