Task Portal Upgrades Needed

Idea created by Hermien Hormann on Jan 24, 2017
    Under Consideration
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    • Todd Funasaki
    • Hermien Hormann
    • Chris Comerford
    • Hermien Hormann
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    I am trying to move several of my task owners over to use the Service Task User License, but there are some severe limitations to the log and functionality that users currently have via the Task log from the Portal side.

    1,  Task users need the ability to customize the columns that are part of the display.  They need to be able to see the source title as well as the source due date (this needs to be sortable).  These fields are required for us in order to ensure that our onboarding workflow, as well as others, functions correctly.

    2. Task Users need the ability to create and save reports, just like Agents have - as well as set a default report with needed filters. - filter out all closed tickets at once

    3.  Task users need to be able to see the comments and have the ability to add additional comments to an incident.

    4.  Task users need the ability to upload documents to an incident - as in many of our workflows this is part of what gets assigned to someone.

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