Time Entry Streamlining

Idea created by Cody Groves on Jan 19, 2017
    Under Consideration
    • sobrien (Scott O'Brien)
    • Cody Groves
    • Bernard Welmers
    • Jon Grimm
    • Olivier Paratte
    • glen.statkiewicz@crawco.com.au

    I think adding the ability to add time while making a comment would streamline the process for technicians working on an incident/problem/change/release/solution. My team sometimes forgets to track their time due to the separate and additional step it takes to do so. Time entries without comments could simply be marked as private. By combining the ability of commenting with time entry, I think it would make time entry that much easier. I created a mock-up and included it below:



    I think keeping the time entry history on the right hand side is still useful though. That way you don't have to page through comments to add up time and it shows a consolidated history of technicians who have worked on the incident.

    What problem will this feature solve?: