Double Dashboard Widgets

Idea created by Tom Kelsall on Jan 18, 2017
    Long term plan
    • Jamie Milks
    • Tom Kelsall



    I'd like the ability to add a dashboard widget TWICE, with different criteria selected.


    For instance; I'd like the "Incidents by Assigned to" widget displayed once with the Service Desk Team for all the currently open incidents, and once for all the resolved and closed incidents (for Service Desk performance management purposes).


    As it stands right now, I have to edit the widget, display and use the new info, and then edit it back again.


    My idea envisages a screen not where you "Tick" the widgets you want, but drag them from an "Available" list to an "In Use" list - and they remain available once dragged, to be dragged again.



    What problem will this feature solve?: