Ability to view a Specific Variable on the Portal

Idea created by Laura Galardi on Jan 12, 2017
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    • Gustavo Trujillo
    • Laura Galardi

    We have built numerous tickets that are available to our clients under "Popular Services" and "New Services". The problem arises when a ticket that is titled "Integration Dashboard", this can cover numerous issues, from not available to returning incomplete values, to error messages, and so on. I have coded for multiple variables to detail the exact nature of the issue with the Dashboard. I would like to be able to surface a column in the portal that the client can see it is an "Integration Dashboard" ticket, and the issue is "Clinic xxx is not showing any results".


    The client would like to be able to see the specific issue without having to go into the ticket. This would be extremely helpful when there are 5-10 tickets of the same template. Being able to see that one is unable to log in, one is miscalculation of values for x, and one is clinic xxx is not showing any results, will provide more visibility for our clients.

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