Ability to see all Incidents for a Client by Domain

Idea created by Laura Galardi on Jan 12, 2017
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    • Laura Galardi

    We have setup our customers by domain, ie xxx@wherever.net   We have instructed our clients to use a group email in order to be able to see all the open tickets, as instructed by Samanage. The problem is our clients want to know "Who" opened which ticket, they want to see a real view of all activity by their whole domain.


    For example the client sets up a group email of allofus@wherever.net; and an individual sets up justme@wherever.net  and another sets up onlyme@wherever.net; the problem arises that if justme goes out on vacation, no one can access/see his tickets. However, if everyone uses allofus, then no one can tell who opened what ticket without going in to the ticket and looking (I require user name and contact information in each ticket). This creates multiple complaints from every customer we have. Our clients all want to see a true accounting of their activity, including specifics of who has ticket activity.


    I would like to see the ability to have a domain @wherever.net be able to view ALL of the tickets that have been opened by anyone at that domain. So if the client logs in as justme or onlyme or allofus they would all be able to see every ticket created under the domain wherever.net, regardless of the specific user. So justme, could open "MyRequests" and see all of the tickets opened for wherever.net, whether by justme, allofus, or onlyme.

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