Adding features to condition sets and assigning tasks

Idea created by Yuval Manor on Jan 12, 2017
    Long term plan
    • Jennifer Easley
    • Byrd, Tracy
    • Sam Buccieri-Gillett
    • Jamie Milks
    • Yuval Manor
    • Barthélémy Agaësse

    Adding the option to edit Condition set with User Variable.


    For example:


    If I want that HR will give me the mail of the Employee's manager(Using the user variable), I can use this variable in Condition set to assign a task/Approve to this manager.@@


    Adding a task of picking something from a multi-picklist.


    For example:


    Giving a task to the manager of a new employee- to pick the accounts that should set up for the new employee from a multi-picklist.


    I think both of the features can be very helpful for creating processes.


    What do you think?



    What problem will this feature solve?: