Email Bounce Block

Idea created by Tom Kelsall on Jan 9, 2017
    Under Consideration
    • Josh Mills
    • Bjorn Krijgh
    • Tom Kelsall

    Hi guys

    At the moment, if an Activation email gets bounced ONCE, that email address is blocked and must be released by a member of the US team.


    We have a pretty complex integration with Okta and this has presented us with all sorts of timing issues when provisioning an account for a non-human user; we have been sitting for several days unable to use this user, not realising that the Activation email had been bounced.


    Is there (a) provision for this configuration to be changed on a "per account" basis (so that we can switch this protection off for our account), or (b) a way that the tolerance can be eased, allowing say 10 attempts before the email address is blocked?

    At the moment, we have to follow the following process:

    • Create a user account in Active Directory and add it to the Okta Group for Samanage.
    • Wait for AD replication to occur.
    • Create a mailbox for the account.
    • Wait for Exchange to replicate and publish the mailbox externally (24 hours in many cases!!)
    • Allow Okta to provision the account which can take many days if Okta is busy with many Samanage-related tasks
    • Try to log into the Samanage account

    This means that creating a quick user account which can be used for testing is a really extended process; and if we try to email the user ONCE before all the boxes are ticked, it gets blocked!

    What problem will this feature solve?: