Default Filter for 'Approved' for Changes

Idea created by Eugene Wanyonyi on Jan 9, 2017
    Long term plan

    Our organization uses change management module to handle major changes in systems. This has to undergo an approval process. at the end of the month, we run a report of changes and one in particular is called 'Closed but not approved' changes. These will be changes that are marked 'closed completed' but still awaiting approval. However, when we filter using these two states, the filter does an OR and the results brings changes that have been 'closed completed' but approved in the results. Yet they do show a time-stamp for the approval.


    Can a default filter for 'Approved At' be introduced so that for example the filter can have 'State is Closed Completed' and 'State is not Approved At'

    What problem will this feature solve?: