Dynamic Custom Widgets - Derived from Standard Reports

Idea created by Steve Blackburn on Dec 29, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Jason Davidson
    • Anna Jordan
    • Steve Blackburn

    We have a number of teams in the company who would like to be able to add their own custom widgets onto the Dashboard.

    I realise that you can produce widgets using the RSS feed which gives you lists but what we would like is for a widget to be produced from a standard report. I have shown an example of what our teams would like to be able to see on the Dashboard

    Then if possible can this be showing real time data every time the dashboard has been refreshed.

    This would enables teams to display the results on a screen that the team can look at and help them prioritise workloads and easily identify individuals who have lots of jobs assigned to them so other team members, who have less jobs, can help them out.

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