Categorising Incidents without Editing Incidents

Idea created by Anna Jordan on Dec 23, 2016
    Long term plan
    • Chris Northcote

    We are new to Samanage and are still finding our feet. A feature which we think is missing is the ability to change the category & subcategories of incident without editing the incident. We actually have two sets of subcategories which is currently somewhat botched (and they are required fields), and therefore we can not change the categories from the incident lists - it has to be done within the incident itself.


    In an ideal world, I would recommend having the category and subcategory field show on the right side under the other menus. These drop down menus for the categories and sub categories would be active without having edited the ticket, therefore allowing the analyst to update the categories whilst responding to the user:



    When the analyst changes the status of the incident as resolved, any blank required fields would prevent them from closing the ticket, thus ensuring that they have categorised a incidents. At the moment, we're getting a lot slip through the net and falling into the pit of closed incidents which can't be edited without re-opening them!


    Many thanks

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