Multiple Incident Approvers -  issue

Idea created by Hermien Hormann on Dec 13, 2016
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    • Hermien Hormann

    Need to change the workflow when there are multiple approvers for an incident (workflow).  The way things work right now is that if there is more than 1 approver set-up within a workflow and you set the parameter so that only 1 approver is needed the ticket does not flow to the next step unless both people have actually approved or denied the request.  This is stopping our workflow.  If 1 person denies then the request needs to move on to the next step same as if 1 person approves - it needs to move to the next step.  right now if only 1 person performs an action the incident just sits there and stops moving through the flow. It is not useful for us to have to have everyone respond if there is a filter that says only 1 or 50% must perform the action.  Please resolve this.

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