Trigger Re-Approval to Changes

Idea created by Chad Brown on Dec 15, 2016
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    • Mark A Adams
    • Sam Buccieri-Gillett
    • Kisan Gajadhar
    • Chad Brown
    • Matthew Mierzejewski

    In line with our company really getting into using the Change module to log changes, we have encountered some areas for improvement in the Module.


    From our testing, the Application only submits for Re-Approval if the following is true:

    STATE = Waiting_for_Approval

    Modification done requiring the use of the [Update Change] button.


    • At this time if a CHANGE has been Approved and someone clicks the [Update Change] button, it does not Trigger Re-Approval. The only way to tell that has happened is going through the Audit log.
    • If a CHANGE is Waiting for Approval, but someone uses the VIEW option to modify attachments, it does not Trigger Re-Approval. Same with the Audit log being the only source of this modification to the Change.


    This was discovered when someone submitted a CHANGE that had been approved by the Change Advisory Board, but they needed to add a missing Script to the CHANGE. The addition of the Script was significant, and should have required it be Re-Approved. Fortunately the employee was good about it, and notified the CAB of the oversight. However, this is not always going to the be the case, and there are going to be times where someone thinks a modification is not significant and problems arise (something takes longer than expected and runs into another job, something runs against a DB or Server that is undergoing patching, etc...).


    We see tremendous value in having any CHANGE where State = Approved or State = Waiting_for_Approval trigger the re-Approval process if the Attachments change or the [Update Change] button is used. Not only from preventing minor problems (up to disasters), but from an Auditing standpoint as well.

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