Filtering on incidents attached to Problems

Idea created by Todd Thomas on Dec 14, 2016
    • Todd Thomas

    If you have more than 10 incidents attached to a Problem, you get a helpful link that will display all of those incidents:

    I'd like to see this link appear regardless of how many incidents are in the list, but that's secondary to my main point. After clicking on the link, you can see all the incidents just like the normal list of incidents, but they're specific to the Problem you have them attached to:

    Here's the problem. There's no filter showing you anywhere that these are tied to that original Problem. If you click the "Add Filter" button, it ignores the fact that you only want to see incidents for that problem and instead creates a whole new feature. I consider this a bug, but apparently the system isn't designed to work this way so I need to create a Community post for it.


    I'd like to see two things:

    1. When you open the link from a Problem, it would create a Filter at the top that tells you the problem it's linked to.

    2. When you click "Add Filter" it would respect the problem that's associated and still allow you to filter.


    The use case is simple. Imagine you have a Problem with lots of incidents. Let's say 50. Or better yet, 500. How can you tell which of those incidents have been resolved versus are still pending? You can't. You should be able to filter those in the same way as the list in Service Desk.


    I haven't tested linked Incidents to see if the behavior is the same with those, but I suspect it's the same story there.

    What problem will this feature solve?: