Prevent modifications to Completed Changes

Idea created by Chad Brown on Dec 2, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Andrew Eardley-Day
    • Chad Brown
    • Josh Nasiatka

    We are looking for the ability to prevent people from modifying Changes once they have been Closed - Completed or Closed - Incomplete. We have checked through the Roles and Restrictions and there isn't a conditional statement for STATE or STATUS of the Change.


    From a Change Management perspective, it is a burden to go into each Audit log to verify the information stored in the Change has NOT been changed since the Change was Closed - Complete or Closed - Incomplete. We would like to set it up so there is a restriction in place for:


    MANAGE | Change | STATUS = Closed - Complete

    MANAGE | Change | STATUS = Closed - Incomplete


    Likewise, we see value in being able to do the same thing with Incidents. We would like to allow our Requesters to modify Incidents while they are RESOLVED, but not when they are CLOSED. Right now the application allows comments to Closed and Resolved incidents, and the customer has the expectation if they can update it, someone is going to take action on it. With over 1300 new Incidents/Service Requests per week, that is an unrealistic expectation that could be corrected if the Incident/Request cannot be modified after the state changes.


    Anyone else see value in being able to restrict access to the modules based on the STATUS/STATE of the item (be it Incident, Problem, Change, etc..)?

    What problem will this feature solve?: