Service Catalog Task Editing

Idea created by Steve Hall on Nov 30, 2016
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    • Doyle DeGuzman

    i have noticed the recent change you have made to the system, where when a service catalog incident is being worked only the individual assigned the task can complete the task. This was not a good improvement, and i am requesting that your re-consider. While i agree and do not want the general user to have the ability change another users tasks, support agents need that ability. With larger service catalog items with many tasks assigned to many different people, my support agents over see the incident to make sure the process completes, if someone assigned to a task is out on vacation or sick, normally the support staff can complete that task and check it off so the process continues to move forward. At this point we have new hire processes that are stopping at an individual tasks and not completing because the individuals are not available and because of this new change i cannot have a support technician assist. This change has now changed the way i have all our roles setup for the company, and you have left me no choice but to make all support agents admins. This is NOT a good practice, and this was not a good change to the system.

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