Set Time Zone by Module

Idea created by Chad Brown on Nov 16, 2016
    Not Planned

    Rolling out Change Management to a Global Enterprise, we have found additional work being required by those Submitting Changes and the Change Advisory Board in the "Times" of the Changes.

    We see value in setting Modules, such as Problems, Changes, and Releases to a specific time, such as UTC. This would allow Global Enterprises to see a standard variation when entering requests. Thinks like Eastern Standard, Central, Mountain, and Pacific don't resonate as a recognizable form for our European, South American, and Near/Middle/Far Eastern partners.


    Is this a viable option? Something that could be configured in the Organization "setup". In addition to configuring the SITE time zones, there would be an option for "MODULE" configuration for time zones as well.


    Anyone else see value in being able to set Modules to UTC for global partners and offices?

    What problem will this feature solve?: