Basic Software Reporting

Idea created by on Nov 14, 2016
    Long term plan

    Most software solutions that do asset management and software inventory are capable of basic software reporting.


    Unfortunately, Samanage is not.


    Please improve software reporting asap.


    For example:


    You need to report on how many installs of a particular software you have in your environment and where they are installed.


    Simple enough right? Well you can't do that with the currently available software reporting.


    To get the number of installs you have out there for a particular software you can do this by creating a contract and then tagging all the required software/versions and associating that tag to the contract. A count of all installs under the tag is created and compared to the number of licenses you own in the contract.


    Great. But where are they all installed? This is where the problem begins.


    Samanage counts each version of a software as its own installation. Using tags you can label all the versions it sees as one software. The problem is, you cannot using this tag to show you all of the machines that have the software installed. You can list the tag aggregate and see all individual versions associated with that tag. You then have to manually go into each version to see the machines associated with that version. To get a full basic report on where this software is installed, you have to manually extract the data from each version and then manually compile it all together to get the end result.


    Time consuming, not efficient and confusing because all of the data exists, Samanage just doesn't offer a way to report on it it. Why can't Samanage just show me all machines with this software tag instead of all machines with 1.0, all machines with 1.2, all machines with 3.1, all machines with 1.4, all machines with 2.1.


    I went through the time and effort of manually tagging each and every version of the software and the only benefit I get is to report the count against the contract number or to explore where individual versions are installed.


    Under custom reports you can only choose each individual version of a software to say where is it installed. The same limitation presented in a different way.


    The software section under reports is .... I don't know... maybe I'm missing something but I don't find it useful at all.


    Please don't take this in a negative way, Samanage is a great product and this is more so constructive criticism than anything else. You guys can do better than this when it comes to software reporting, I know it.



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