Can't multi-select users for Groups

Idea created by Tom Kelsall on Nov 2, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Jacob Graveldinger
    • Tom Kelsall



    When I'm adding users to a group, the dialog allows you to multi-select users if you scroll through the list, so that you can add several people at once. However, as your list of users grows, you start to use the "Search" facility to find them.


    When you search, though, you can only add one person to the group; you must search for a name, select it, add to group, then go back in to "Add Users to Group", search, select, add to group... etc etc.


    I would like to see it that selections you make in Search Results are remembered so that you can Search, Select, <repeat>.... Add all to group.


    If I explained badly, please let me know and I'll try to clarify.



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