Service Catalog Additions

Idea created by PAUL PUTROW on Oct 28, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Chad Brown

    Automated Assignment
    -We have multiple office locations and the current system allows for Service Catalog items to be set up to allow a Site-based task or approval be sent, but not to automatically assign the request based on the requester's site.


    Time Delay/Time Triggered Actions

    -Approvals/Tasks have a due date field, but it has no inherent functionality. It would be helpful to be able to send tasks or approvals to a primary contact at a site, but if they're on vacation/out sick/terminated for the process to automatically kick off an action to a designated backup (without resorting to adding multiple users to a 'group'). This functionality would also be helpful if after the time expires a reminder action could be sent


    **Logic Against using Group-based assignment - We have an approval process that requires either the SVP or The CIO to approve. Having to go to the SVP first, saves email flooding of the CIO when the SVP is available - but provides that automated backup contact if they're not.


    We have similar approvals through HR that have a Primary contact but we also have a backup for in case the Primary is out. OOO replies and email forwarding only go so far since actions in the system are generally bound to the assignee (or users with higher role access)


    I understand this can be done with creating new Roles and providing those roles access to incidents via Category - but some of these requests/incidents span varying and unrelated categories which would then require agents to be setup in multiple roles (as far as i'm aware, this is not possible)

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