Expanding on Slack

Idea created by Chris Northcote on Oct 27, 2016
    Long term plan
    • Chris Northcote
    • Todd Thomas
    • David Palmer

    Slack, i know this has been implemented but it is very limited on what it can do.


    On our old service desk solution we would use slack to converse with our devs. This was done by assigning the ticket from ourselves to devs on the service desk. This would then in turn post on a specific channel on slack with the details.


    Currently Samanage only has the ability put all new tickets onto slack which is useless for the dev team, clogs up the channel. Also it might have to go to the dev team after initial investigation. 1st/2nd line support might try and fix certain issues but it then turns out its a coding issue but by this point it cant be transferred to the dev slack channel.  So what i would like to see is,


    1, To be able to choose when a message is sent to a certain slack channel.

    2, The ability to turn off SLA violations posted in slack.

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