Ability to create list reports

Idea created by aradcliffe@hypedc.com on Oct 24, 2016
    Long term plan
    • aradcliffe@hypedc.com
    • Phedra Henninger

    We really need the ability to create a report as a table view. At the moment I can create a graph, which looks pretty but provides little detail. eg. Here is a report of all active incidents for a particular support group (in this case, external service provider) which is scheduled to be emailed weekly.

    It's not possible to see any detail within this report - eg what the actual issues are. To get that data, the email recipient needs to:

    1. Click the link in the email
    2. Log into Samanage to view the report
    3. Click Actions > Table view
    4. Sort the table in some meaningful way (oldest first, highest priority etc)

    An unnecessary level of effort to get a simple listing.

    What we need is the ability to save table view reports and schedule them, so that we can send the list out to the people that need the underlying data.

    The report definition needs to have the ability to save a specific sort order.

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