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    There is huge potential with this app. Our school uses more than 3000 Apple products. For example, we are going to refresh all Apple computers on campus this summer, and we need this app to get a few updates so we can fully utilize your service in our environment.

    Here are the most common updates that would make this app more usable:


    Landscape mode ~ I'm currently sending this message from an iPad Pro using the Apple iPad Pro Keyboard in portrait mode which is too awkward. Just kidding, I tried but had to leave the app, and I made my way to the community page because copy/paste isn't even supported from the feedback tab within the app.


    Bring inventory to the app with full functionality. You will expand your client base. The amount of people using their mobile device to snap a picture of an asset to log cosmetic/physical damage when working the help desk or assisting those away from the office is increasing. The number one item people try not to forget when they leave the office to resolve an incident is their iPhone, iPad, or other mobile devices.


    Enable QR scan capability so that we can use the QR codes from the computer inventory section that we print and place on our assets to be recognized by the iPad/iPhone camera in this app. The computer inventory page that pops up when using a third party QR reader app shows desktop mode which is great because I can access all links [asset, software, hidden, hardware, lifecycle, risks, incidents, configuration item, and audit] plus the ability to take pictures from the asset tab. Bringing this functionality would allow for larger organizations to deploy assets more efficiently. I want to stick with one app or service created by Samanage.


    General app updates to prevent crashes especially when trying to take a picture and saving it to an incident and inventory item would ease frustration and increase productivity.


    I hope to hear back from someone soon with a yes to everything I'm asking above. However, I understand there is a process.  I appreciate your support and thank you for your time.


    Todd Thomas

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