Create Incident from Contract Expiration Date

Idea created by on Oct 17, 2016
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    • Binosh Moothedan
    • Lisa Eilerman
    • Charles Thomas
    • Tyler Letner

    I think everyone that uses Samanage has one thing in common.  We have a multitude of tasks to track and manage.  We need  a tool to get that type of stuff out of e-mail and into a trackable system.  I think we're missing something here on contracts though.  We are loading in all of our contracts into Samanage to centrally track expirations.  However, the only thing Samange can do with that currently is to send an e-mail reminder.  I'd like the ability to have an incident automatically created when something is about to reach expiration.


    If you could either


    a) Add that as an option




    b) Create additional hooks in Zapier that can use things like x days before expiration date as a trigger so that I can create my own custom action



    I would be very appreciative.  I think this would be a really solid feature anyone would like to have.


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