Monthly updates on current tasks

Idea created by on Oct 13, 2016
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    • Todd Thomas

    Let me start out by saying I love Samanage. The support is top notch and the product is solid. That said, After using it for a year I am left wanting more transparency and simply more features. A lot of the cool things that have been submitted over the past year both by myself and many others -- many marked as "planned" -- have yet to reach the public user base.


    I get that you're a smaller team and that ETA's aren't something you do. That said, I do at times feel like Samanage has become stagnant in a sense. Yeah - there have been a few new features here and there over the last 12 months but at least most of those have been rather small or "behind the scenes" if you will. The biggest feature in recent member that I can think of looking back at your product updates page is the iOS app launch roughly 6 months back.


    Basically, my request is this: monthly updates on what you're doing or working on.

    What problem will this feature solve?: