Requesting End User input

Idea created by Steve Hall on Oct 12, 2016
    Under Consideration

    We have many situations where during the process of working on an incident, the agent requires more information from the requester. I am wanting all correspondence with the end user captured within the ticket, and while I am aware that utilizing the comment notification within the system would allow the end user to be notified, this also adds problems with the end user getting a barrage of emails every time an agent comments on the ticket, resulting in negative feedback from the end user to stop all the emails, for that reason we have that notification disabled. It would be beneficial, if possible, to have an option to send a manual, one-time, comment to the requester when additional information is required without opening the flood gates for every comment that is made. As the end user becomes disheartened with the system, it becomes an uphill battle to keep them using it. Hitting the users with a barrage of email comments, not all are questions for them, begins to lean towards a tendency of users to ignore the notifications, and rather just delete them making it difficult when we do initiate a specific question.

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