Easily display "Resolved By" on Incidents

Idea created by Todd Thomas on Oct 7, 2016
    Short term plan
    • Binosh Moothedan
    • Jamie Milks
    • Michael Leone

    Currently, the only way to tell who resolved an incident is to open up the Audit section at the bottom. You can't view this easil just by looking at the incident. This can be very time-consuming to discover. Could the agent that changed the incident to Resolved be listed next to the resolution and/or the state?

    It's just as important to know who resolved the incident as it is who was assigned to it, especially since things can be assigned to groups but then are resolved by individuals. The data is there because you can create a Report on it, it just needs to be shown in the interface (and available as a column in the Service Desk).


    Is this already planned as a part of the index page redesign?

    What problem will this feature solve?: