Import Error email - only one error reported per row

Idea created by on Oct 5, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Ramon Geertjens

    When importing items into Samanage, if there is more than one value per row that cause errors in import, the system email only notes the first error it comes across.


    For example, when using the sample Users import file, if you have not already configured the "North Carolina Office" Site and "Sales" Department, there will be two errors on the row.


    However the email will not tell you there are two errors on the row, only one.


    Can this be enhanced so that the whole row is parsed for problems and ALL errors noted on the email, rather than it stopping at the first error it finds on any given row (and ignoring any other issues).


    I think that users will be unhappy that the system isn't capable of determining all potential errors in one go, resulting in second (and possibly third, fourth etc) import failures because of problems not identified in the previous import error email.


    Thanks in advance

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