Allow images to be pasted into Incident Resolutions

Idea created by on Sep 26, 2016
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    • Nate Riley
    • Todd Thomas
    • Christopher Dashiells
    • Ed LeCompte
    • Bernard Welmers
    • Rachel Martin

    Currently, it is not permitted to paste images from the clipboard into incident resolutions.  This capability already exists in the incident comment field where images can be freely pasted.  To expedite the resolution of tickets, I highly encourage Samanage to provide the same functionality to the Resolution area.  This will make resolving tickets more efficient, and will assist in converting solutions into common solutions.


    Currently, if I have resolved  a ticket, and have an image to incorporate into the resolution, I have to save that image into a comment, and post that comment.  I then have to enter the resolution and enter the relevant text.  Making this recommended change will take several clicks out of the ticket resolution process.  An additional benefit is seen when converting solutions to common solutions.  In many cases, having an image, or multiple images embedded into a common solution makes the solution more valuable to the user that is viewing it as they perform self-service prior to creating an incident request.  By allowing images in the resolution field, the process of creating a helpful common solution is made more efficient.

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