Display AD details from a single assets details page

Idea created by Stuart Stacey on Sep 23, 2016
    Long term plan

    It is great that we can look at the list of computers and click on a user name to view the profile details and obtain their AD information, such as title, Department, Branch, Division and Unit, even their employee number, office location and especially their location and address details.


    If only we could do the same in some many when drilling down to the details of a single asset.


    Lets say that I have an asset that requires a name assignment or a change of details.

    Imagine in the line item details, if that same ability existed.

    If a name exists, their name icon to view profile was to the right.

    If the name field is blank, no icon shows to the right.

    But I would have the ability to quickly obtain any additional information that AD provides and input it while in the detailed asset field or to simply look up their user profile details while there.

    Use:  To manually update asset details, to obtain phone and extension details on the fly, to confirm that the user's home position has not changed to a new office location or quickly obtain additional information not currently displayed but available through AD.


    While we don't have a dedicated technical contact for each asset (food for thought) would not the same icon be great to obtain further details on them, such as their address, phone and email?

    I will attempt to upload a mock up image




    So what would be new is the orange name icon that appears because the owner name was found through AD.

    Therefore, via mouse over or by clicking the "AH" a pop-up would display the user profile, similar to where seen elsewhere in other areas.

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