Allow sorting and filtering of search results

Idea created by Tom Kelsall on Sep 19, 2016
    Long term plan
    • Tony Law
    • Anthony Kroh
    • Todd Thomas
    • Maarten van den Baart



    Our particular use case requires a very simple, uncluttered interface for users; so I wanted the user's searches to only return Catalog Items and Solutions; and not return a list of current incidents or requests etc. Turns out we CAN fudge this by fiddling with permissions and scopes; however that would stop the user seeing their own incidents when they wanted to.


    So - I would like the ability to do the following:

    • Filter the search results so that users only see what we want them to see when they do a Portal Search. (in our case, catalog items and solutions).
    • Sort the search results by "Type" so that all the "Catalog Items" are together and all the "Solutions" are together.



    What problem will this feature solve?: