Incident Management - quicklist of Configuration Items

Idea created by Graham Shaw on Sep 12, 2016
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    • Graham Shaw

    Adding the affected Configuration Item(s) to an Incident is an important step, ensuring good data capture and the ability to analyse trends etc. As a CI is often associated with a user, it would be useful when creating a new incident if a quick list of CI's associated with the Requester were available, rather than searching the entire CMDB.


    e.g. Fred calls the service desk to raise a new incident. The service desk agent creates a new incident ticket with Fred as the requester. Instead of having to ask Fred to read off his asset number (or some other identifier) Samanage could pop up a list of CIs associated with Fred ... his PC, printer, phone etc. from which the service desk agent simply chooses.


    Extending this to the self service portal - a user raising a ticket could also be presented with their registered CIs.


    Graham Shaw

    IT Service Delivery Manager

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