Second Phase of Jira Integration

Idea created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Sep 7, 2016
    • Adam Archer T.
    • vijayramamurthy
    • Thimothy, Jacob - 305900

    Samanage is helping you support better cross-tracking of incidents to issues with more information at your fingertips. In this second phase of Jira integration we enable you to:

    • Populate the "Reporter" field when transferring a ticket into Jira with the requester in Samanage
    • Define available Jira projects and issues to tech to choose from when creating a Samanage incident in Jira
    • Mapping a subset of non-custom Samanage attributes to existing Jira fields
    • Auto-ticket closure in Samanage once closed in Jira with transfer of resolution*
    • Transferring comments made in Samanage to Jira*

    *Provided as a setup option at the Account level

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