Service Catalog Workflow process variables

Idea created by Joe Stan on Sep 2, 2016
    Long term plan
    • Jennifer Anderson
    • Joe Stan
    • Jean Tagliamonte
    • Chad Brown
    • Maarten van den Baart
    • Olivier Paratte

    In the Process workflow for Service Catalog items, allow dates to be a variable. For example, a hiring manager submits a New Hire Access request through the service catalog. They note the start date to be X. A built in process would look at that start date and determine when the process should be completed by. If new hire starts on X date, an email account should be created by X date. Whereas now, if a new hire initiates a New Hire Access request two weeks before they start date, I may not want their accounts to be provisioned until a day/day of or couple days before the new hire begins working.

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