Better management in tasks. Let us assign tasks to groups with no members.

Idea created by on Aug 23, 2016
    Under Consideration

    Folks, we have noticed a problem while changing to the new process definition and work engine.


    Before, everyone could check a task in a service request. Maybe it was too much. Now nobody apart from the asignee of the task can check off that task, which we find inoperative in the next scenario:


    We receive thousands of documents by email which are triggered as service requests by the API. Our way of distributing it was to assign the first task to a specific group (used as a bucket which gets filled by the email and emptied by the users), and the people who is assigned to empty that bucket, they go altogether, open the service request, change the assignee and then tick off the task. The outcome is that the next task will be assigned to themselves, as all the tasks apart from the very first are assigned to the "incident assignee".


    Now we have to give access to all our lawyers to that group (bucket), so they will be flooded by notifications which in the working style we practice are useless.


    We demand that if a task is assigned to a group which has no members, allow us to click it regardless of whom is clicking it. If not, why are you allowing assignation of tasks which will automatically get stuck or, otherwise, why would you allow to save a group with no users?.


    Please consider this as it is making our existing workflow cumbersome.


    At your service,



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