Customize contract type

Idea created by Binosh Moothedan on Aug 17, 2016
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    • Richard Wills
    • Lisa Eilerman
    • Jonathan Hogan

    When we create new contract, we are getting very limited option of drop down as you see if below. However, this doesn't help us to add different type of contracts. Could you please give us more option?


    for example,  we would like to add the below.


    License Agreement

    Insurance Agreement

    Financing Agreement

    Service/Consulting Agreement

    Agreement for the Supply of Goods

    Non-Disclosure Agreement

    Lease/Rental Agreement

    Partnership Agreement

    General Sales Agency Contract

    Tour Operator Agreement

    Online Travel Agency Agreement




    I think this will be a quick win. could you please check?

    Maybe something like this? You already have this option for New Asset.


    What problem will this feature solve?: