Workflow Engine Catalog Item Auto-Generation

Idea created by 7661603 on Jul 29, 2016
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    When a Process Task is “Checked off” as completed, it will trigger a call to create a separate related catalog items for another Samanage User/Groups.


    In our environment, we have separate catalog items for various IT teams (Service Desk/Desktop Field Services, Server Infrastructure/Networking, Software Development, Telecom, etc.). Tickets are manually created for each group for their various tasks.


    It would be a great feature when the assignee checks off a process to mark it as completed, it will auto-generate multiple catalog item tickets and attach it to the ticket that the process was just checked off on.

    For example:

    Service Desk Analyst receives a ticket from a catalog item for a new user request from HR. Service Desk Analyst completes AD creation, and checks off that it's completed. This will trigger auto-creation of tickets for the Server Infrastructure/Networking, Software Development, and Telecom Teams simultaneously.

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